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Články uživatele Alice Suchánková

Israel and Jordan 2020

14. 03. 2020
The trip to Israel and Jordan was simply unforgettable and I will tell you all about it. But first, it is absolutely necessary to thank everyone who made it possible for us to get home safely.
Jose Babiera, who worked incredibly hard on getting us to pass the border and get home and who under such stress remained looking calm (he definitely was not).
Gedi Hampe, who brought the Ministry of health, tourism and foreign affairs and the office of the Prime minister together, which led to our passage through Israel.
Gadi Dahan, our Israeli tour guide. Not only a wonderful guide, but he also helped us get through Israel on our way back home.
David Herzky, the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, who worked with the Czech Embassy to get us through the border.
Assaf Dovrat, the manager of the Czech-Israel Chamber of commerce, who got the Czech Embassy involved in our case.
And finally, Marketa from the Czech Embassy, who got us permission from Israel for us to cross the Jordanian border.
There is also a huge thank you to all our accompanying teachers who came with us on our trip: Mr. Fajfr, Mrs. Hašková and Mr. Mervínský.